Brutal screeching noise meets a hyperactive and nostalgia-driven techno spirit, always paired with raving old-school energy in a deeply futuristic style. 2 hearts from one of a kind came together ​​under the flag of Kø:lab to manifest their endless passion for straight, ruthless kicks, distorted vocals, rattling break beats and euphoric, deeply rave inspired atmospheres. In 2020 Kerem & Kubi found out a way to express theirselfes through their own productions, but also in their highly energetic and adrenaline inducing back2back sets.
Friendship, Dedication and Talent is key for what Kø:lab stands for and their essential formula for bangers. The DJ project combines emotional authenticity with technoid violence and furious rhythmic structures, always inspired by contemporary, unconventional, timeless and expressive hard techno sounds and fast paced rave tunes.
Always keeping it fresh & mellow.
Spreading their energy from their home town Berlin all over the world.