IGDA is a young emerging ar1st in the scene. At 23 years old, the hard techno producer
and dj convinces with his passion towards techno and the culture. His style is
characterized by high energy hard techno and straight forward sounds. As part of the
new neorave movement which is characterized by early-hardstyle elements, massive
kicks & impac1ng vocals his sweetspot lies around 150-160 BPM and promises nothing
but pure energy which is transmiMed to you. With some releases, like the collabora1on
with NOTMYTYPE ‚Do It Clean‘ and others being played by DJs like Shlomo, AnD, CLTX
and Charlie Sparks IGDA could already gain a solid reputa1on in the scene. He is
definitely an ar1st you should keep an eye on in the next years, since his future is quite