The DJ and organizer HNAS [nas] from Herzogenaurach has been working for over 10 years actively in the franconian club scene and meanwhile he is known in the Nuremberg techno scene for his hard but at the same time vibrant sound. With his mix of hard-driving techno, vibrant trance and a pinch of disco-(g)oldies HNAS brings a unique atmosphere on the dancefloor.
Through his many years of experience in the hiphop scene HNAS is very versatile, which is noticeable in his sets. If you want to see a pure passioned and true hearted DJ behind the decks, HNAS is the right choice for you, because he is standing clearly behind his slogan: „I’M GONNA MAKE YOU DANCE!“ Since 2021 HNAS is a member of the Haus33 Residents and its agency.