DJ Guestlist

DJ GUESTLIST“ has become a prominent fixture in the techno scene since early 2023, captivating audiences with their electrifying music. The duo comprises the talented DJs and producers Luciano Bradini and Paul Funk, who have been active in the techno scene for over a decade, showcasing their individual talents and passion for electronic music.

After establishing their reputation, they decided to embark on their own collaborative project. Under the name „DJ GUESTLIST,“ they crafted a unique musical experience that merged their creative ideas and distinctive style, focusing on the trance and groove genres. Their sets, featuring both the latest hits and their own remixes and productions, are renowned for their exhilarating vibes and the ability to immerse the audience in euphoric moods. As seasoned DJs, they have earned a solid place in the electronic music scene. Their musical expertise and knack for setting the right atmosphere continue to enthuse their fans, promising unforgettable nights on the dance floor.